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Spravato® Helped Nicole’s Treatment-resistant Depression Lift

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Psychiatric Care Center in Redding now provides Spravato® treatments. Spravato® is a nasal spray formulation of esketamine for people struggling with treatment-resistant depression. Before considering if you or someone you love is a candidate for Spravato® consult with your doctor and make sure you understand the potential benefits and risks associated with this and other medications.

Nicole is a young adult who battled depression for a long time before trying Spravato®, with psychiatrist-approval and medical supervision. This article summarizes her experience.

Before Spravato® treatment, depression made daily functioning difficult for Nicole

Spravato For Treatment-resistant Depression In Redding
CLICK HERE to watch Nicole’s video testimonial on Spravato® treatments

In the video testimonial, Nicole shares how depression made daily tasks arduous and also left her exhausted. “There were days when I would just break down, crying in my bathroom because I just couldn’t do it. I couldn’t get up,” Nicole states. “I couldn’t take a shower. I couldn’t physically do anything.”

“It was bad. I was kind of cruel toward my mom at times,” she adds. Irritability, oversleeping, insomnia, exhaustion, and inability to complete daily activities are all common symptoms of major depression. While navigating this mental illness, Nicole tried to stay enrolled in her first semester of college but had to leave after two months– her depression made her feel awful.

After arriving back home, Nicole would sleep 18-20 hours a day and continued to struggle with daily functioning. After three months at home, the negative thoughts about herself got more frequent and intense. She recalls the deluge of thoughts about “[…] how I failed as a person, I failed myself, I failed my mom, I failed my teachers. It kind of spirals–to the point where I really hated myself. I remember thinking that I just want to fall asleep and never wake up again.”

Nicole found out she had treatment-resistant depression

After waves and waves of recurring negative thoughts about herself, Nicole went to her psychiatrist with a legitimate page and a half of medicines that I’d already tried that didn’t work.” That day, she found out her depression was treatment-resistant. This term describes what happens to 50-60% of patients in clinical practices who do not experience a reduction in symptoms, despite trying multiple rounds and dosages of antidepressants.

“At some point, my psychiatrist talked to me about this medical trial study for Spravato®.” Spravato® is the first FDA-approved nasal spray, usually taken with an oral antidepressant, for adults with treatment-resistant depression.

Three facts about ketamine, Spravato® and esketamine

Spravato For Treatment-resistant Depression In Redding
Spravato® is a nasal spray esketamine for treatment-resistant depression.

Spravato® is a new and FDA-approved medication that may hold promise for people with treatment-resistant depression (TRD). Like with any new medicine, it is crucial to approach its usage with informed decision-making.

Learn the facts about Spravato® and esketamine.

Nicole has had a positive experience with Spravato®, and every person considering this medication should be aware of the benefits, risks and their unique medical history.

Spravato® may have side effects; consider your medical history

Anyone considering Spravato® should consult their physician and psychiatrist first. Potential side effects could include dissociative effects, feeling disconnected from reality, increased thoughts of suicide, and amnesia-like lapses in memory after using the medication.

Tell your doctors all about your medical history to make sure you are the right fit to try this treatment. People who are pregnant should not take Spravato® nor should people with heart or brain problems. Another concern is the risk of dependence. As a Schedule III controlled substance, there is the potential for abuse and addiction if the medication is misused or overused. The fear of becoming reliant on a treatment option is a genuine concern for both patients and healthcare providers.

Treatment with Spravato® requires supervision and administration in a healthcare facility, as well as a mandatory observation period. This can be a time-consuming and costly process, making it challenging for some patients to access or afford the treatment regularly.

After Spravato®, Nicole feels that she is “growing as a person” again

Spravato For Treatment-resistant Depression In Redding
Nicole has had a positive experience with Spravato® treatments for her depression

Nicole has had a positive experience with Spravato® treatments so far. “I’m actually finishing my first semester,” she shares with a big smile on her face. “I’m learning so much stuff and I’m growing as a person. It’s awesome.”

At the time of the video recording, Nicole was twenty-three. She shares how now she’s “[..] almost twenty-four. And I never thought I’d live to be twenty-four. I just have so many opportunities.”

For some people, Spravato® holds promise. Remember that mental health is a deeply personal journey. Finding the right treatment requires an approach that weighs potential risks and benefits before making any decision.

For Spravato® treatment in Redding, first schedule an appointment

Spravato® treatment is available at Psychiatric Care Center in Redding. PCC is the only psychiatric center to offer Spravato® in Redding and the greater Redding area. First talk with your medical team, including your psychiatrist.

To learn more about Spravato® you can request an appointment or call (530) 221-7474 to speak with a mental healthcare professional.