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Is NeuroStar TMS Therapy Covered by Insurance?

Photo of NeuroStar TMS patient and TMS provider happy with insurance coverage for the depression treatment.

Is NeuroStar TMS therapy covered by insurance? Navigating insurance coverage for medical treatments can be a daunting task. For those considering NeuroStar Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS) therapy, understanding insurance coverage is crucial. Fortunately, the landscape has changed significantly in recent years, making this innovative treatment more accessible.

Early Challenges with Insurance Coverage

Initially, many patients faced challenges when seeking insurance coverage for NeuroStar TMS. One patient recounted their experience from years passed: “When I talked to my doctor about the NeuroStar treatment, a lot of the insurance companies were not covering it. I got a lot of assistance from NeuroStar and my doctor, and after it went to external appeal, I won my case and got 80% reimbursement.”

This patient’s journey highlights the importance of persistence and utilizing available resources. NeuroStar’s support team and dedicated healthcare providers played pivotal roles in securing coverage. The success in this case set a precedent, paving the way for broader acceptance by insurance companies.

Shifts in Insurance Policies

Dr. Donn Hutton sheds light on the evolving landscape: “Things changed in the last couple of years with insurance companies working with more NeuroStar doctors. It would be unusual nowadays to find an insurance company not covering it. The majority of people that come to us, we can get covered.”

Dr. Hutton’s insight reflects a significant shift. The increased collaboration between NeuroStar and insurance providers has led to wider coverage. This change means that more patients can access this beneficial treatment with fewer financial barriers.

Current Landscape for NeuroStar Coverage 

Today, most insurance companies cover NeuroStar TMS therapy. This coverage typically includes a small co-pay, with the rest handled by the insurance. One patient shared their relief: “Treatment was covered by my insurance, and I have a small co-pay. The rest is taken care of by the insurance, so I can have treatment.”

NeuroStar’s reimbursement support team continues to be a vital resource. They work on behalf of patients to find solutions and secure coverage. Their pioneering efforts have made a significant impact, ensuring that more people can benefit from TMS therapy without worrying about prohibitive costs.

Depression Help in Redding 

The journey to securing insurance coverage for NeuroStar TMS has seen remarkable progress. While initial challenges were significant, persistent efforts by patients, healthcare providers, and NeuroStar’s support team have led to widespread acceptance by insurance companies. Today, it is uncommon to find an insurance provider that does not cover this treatment. This evolution has made NeuroStar TMS therapy a viable option for many seeking relief through this advanced, non-invasive treatment.

If you are considering NeuroStar TMS therapy, talk to your doctor and reach out to NeuroStar’s reimbursement support team. They can guide you through the process and help you navigate your insurance coverage to ensure you receive the treatment you need. Psychiatric Care Center provides NeuroStar TMS therapy in our Redding mental health practice. 

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