Why We’re Different

Above all else, PCC is focused on one thing:
You getting better.

Everything about our care is designed to help you:

  • Understand your problem
  • Treat your problem
  • Support your care
Mental Health Therapy In Shasta County

The Psychiatric Care Center is located in Redding, California, the central city of Shasta County, surrounded by the beautiful mountains, lakes and rivers that make up Northern California.

Our staff has resided in the area for decades, building a strong connection to our community to provide treatment, resources and referrals to those who are facing mental health challenges, chemical dependency and substance abuse issues.

With wrap-around services, individualized treatment, and variety of techniques utilized in treatment, our care is designed to help you get better.

Our Mission

To help patients develop the ability to problem solve, communicate and make decisions effectively. It is our belief that by utilizing knowledge, respect and compassion in a therapeutic environment, patients can learn and apply these skills for mental wholeness.