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NeuroStar TMS Targets Parts of the Brain as Alternative Depression Treatment

NeuroStar TMS As Alternative Depression Treatment

NeuroStar Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS) is an alternative depression treatment that targets parts of the brain to relieve symptoms of depression. For NeuroStar TMS patient Colleen, depression was all she knew until her doctor recommended TMS therapy.

Watch Colleen tell her story and read this article for details on how NeuroStar TMS can bring joy back into people’s life.

After trying over 30 medicines, Colleen was ready for a new approach

NeuroStar TMS As Alternative Depression Treatment
Countless medications failed to provide Colleen relief for her depression.

For over six decades, Colleen struggled with depression and felt trapped within a metaphorical black box. Countless medications failed to provide relief. When her medications stopped working altogether, her doctor proposed a new treatment option—Neurostar TMS.

Neurostar TMS targets specific regions of the brain associated with depression. When Colleen’s doctor showed her a brain scan, she could see the precise area causing her depression. This was a pivotal moment for Colleen, as she could visually see the way a mood disorder affected the brain.

During NeuroStar TMS therapy, some people feel a difference as soon as three weeks. Colleen began her Neurostar TMS treatment and to her surprise, the experience was comfortable and painless. Instead of dreading each session, she looked forward to them. Colleen believes that everyone deserves the best possible quality of life and encourages others to explore their treatment options.

Colleen’s journey with Neurostar TMS shows the impact of this innovative treatment.

NeuroStar TMS As Alternative Depression Treatment
Neurostar TMS makes healing from depression possible.

Hope and healing are possible, even after decades of struggling with mental health challenges. If you or someone you know has severe depression, ask your doctor about Neurostar TMS. In Redding, TMS is available at Psychiatric Care Center. PCC is the only psychiatric center to offer TMS Neurostar in Redding and the greater Redding area.

To learn more about depression help from PCC or to learn more about TMS therapy in Redding, request an appointment or call (530) 221-7474 to speak with a healthcare professional.