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Finding Happiness: Allison’s Story As A NeuroStar TMS Facilitator And Patient   

NeuroStar TMS Facilitator And Patient

Allison is a mother, a fiance, and a facilitator of NeuroStar TMS therapy. She’s been on both sides of NeuroStar Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS) as both a patient and a facilitator. 

NeuroStar TMS Facilitator And Patient
Allison is not just a facilitator of NeuroStar TMS, she is also a mother, a fiance, and a patient.

Many people with depression experience relief after NeuroStar TMS therapy and Allison did too. To learn what it is like to receive treatment with NeuroStar TMS, watch Allison tell her story and read more. 

Allison noticed how NeuroStar was a “game-changer” for people

Beginning in 2012, Allison started treating patients daily in her office. She quickly “figured out that this was a game-changer for mental health.””  “

“A year into our office of treating patients, I decided to ask my work if I could go ahead and go through with the treatment,” Allison shares. It is possible to get help for depression with NeuroStar TMS. She was ready.

NeuroStar TMS Facilitator And Patient
“No one could believe that I had suffered from depression,” Allison says.

“No one could believe that I had suffered from depression,” Allison says. “I had a game face on for the first 38 years of my life.”

Depression looks different for everyone. It can also feel vulnerable to talk about mental health, especially while struggling. Richard, another patient who experienced relief after weekly NeuroStar TMS treatments, expresses a similar sentiment, as he also hid his depression.

For Allison, she felt like she couldn’t tell anybody about her depression, especially after the birth of her son. “You’re supposed to be happy when you have a child. Then I realized I’d never been happy.”

“Neurostar gave me the will to be the best me,” Allison shares

After trying antidepressants and navigating side effects, Allison wanted a change. As a facilitator, she was already familiar with what treatment with NeuroStar TMS entailed. Two weeks into her treatment, people noticed a change. 

NeuroStar TMS Facilitator And Patient
Two weeks into her NeuroStar TMS treatment, people around her noticed a change.

“They had said my eyes looked a little brighter and my smile wasn’t so fake and rehearsed,” Allison shares. 

It’s natural to have questions about the process. Allison wants people to know that “when finding a TMS physician, you have to trust your doctor, you have to trust your treater. They’re great resources. They’re there for you. I try to make it fun, stress-free.” 

At the end of her interview, Allison smiles and holds back tears, saying “Neurostar gave me the will to be the best me. I feel like I’m finally getting my fairy tale.” 

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