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Johara received “so much care” during NeuroStar TMS Therapy 

Depression Treatment with NeuroStar TMS In Redding

People who struggle with depression are finding relief from TMS therapy.  For Johara, treatment with NeuroStar TMS helped her enjoy time with her family again, including time with her “gorgeous husband” and “eleven-year-old brilliant son.” 

To learn what it is like to receive treatment with NeuroStar TMS, watch Johara tell her story or read the summary below.

Depression Treatment with NeuroStar TMS Therapy In Redding
Johara expressed feeling cared for beginning with the initial TMS Therapy consultation.

Experts offer “so much care in the way they treated me”

Her husband helped her find NeuroStar TMS, and Johara soon expressed feeling cared for as soon as her initial consultation. During therapy treatments, the NeuroStar facilitator asked continuous questions, which helped Johara feel at ease.  “There was so much care in the way that they treated me,” Johara expresses. Learning that it is a non-invasive procedure also brought relief to Johara. “I trusted them,” Johara says with a laugh, regarding why she felt comfortable from the start. Treatment with NeuroStar TMS is easy and it is natural to have questions, like Johara did, about the process. For people who are recommended for TMS treatment or who are considering it, Johara says, “All you have to do is give it a chance.”

Johara reflects on enjoying time with her family again

Feeling better after TMS reveals itself in different ways for each person. For Johara, one thing she noticed after NeuroStar TMS treatment is how she is can enjoy time with her family again. “My NeuroStar experience began with me in one aspect and it ended with me at a different point in my life,” she explains, “where now I can enjoy my family.” Other people, such as mental health advocate Drew Robinson, describe feeling like NeuroStar TMS therapy lifted a huge weight off their chest. Some people start feeling better in three weeks, while others feel better closer to six. 

Treatment with NeuroStar TMS Therapy In Redding
For people who are considering TMS therapy, Johara says, “All you have to do is give it a chance.”

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TMS therapy is available at Psychiatric Care Center in Redding. PCC is the only psychiatric center to offer TMS Neurostar in Redding and the greater Redding area. To learn more about TMS, request an appointment or call (530) 221-7474 to speak with a mental health professional.