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Teen Mental Health Struggles

Common Teen Mental Health Struggles

3 Common Teen Mental Health Struggles

Adolescents experience intense physical, emotional, and social changes. For parents and guardians, it might be hard to distinguish a moody teen having a “rough day” from a teenager struggling with mental illness. Understanding key signs of struggle can be helpful.

Here are three mental health struggles that adolescents face, as well as some tips on mental health care. 

Common Teen Mental Health Struggles
Talking with your teenager may provide relief if they are struggling with anxiety.

Anxiety among adolescents is very common

According to the World Health Organization, anxiety is the most common mental health issue adolescents face. 

General anxiety disorder can manifest as excessive worry, whereas social anxiety can manifest as extreme self-consciousness and feeling deep concern at the thought of interacting with others. 

Learning about helpful tips and sharing them with your teenager may provide relief. Read our 5 Tips to Cope with Anxiety to understand how to show up for someone experiencing it.

Behavioral disorders include attention deficit hyperactivity disorder

One of the most common behavioral disorders is attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, or ADHD. Teenagers with ADHD often struggle with focusing and may also struggle with peer relationships. Unfortunately, adolescents with ADHD are more likely to be rejected by friend groups and be bullied. 

New research on ADHD shows that how people experience ADHD varies by gender, personality, and environment, hence why individualized care is important. 

Depression is a common mood disorder among teens

About 1.9 million adolescents struggle with depression, with a growing number of girls who experience depression. Rising academic and social pressures may influence this growth. 

The persistent feeling of sadness and loss of interest in hobbies is more complicated than “being sad” or “having a bad day.” If depression goes ignored and untreated, these feelings of hopelessness and exhaustion may turn into suicidal ideations. Seeking care during early symptoms of depression can be helpful. 

Read our 4 Tips to Cope with Depression to understand how to support someone you know who struggles with depression. 

Common Teen Mental Health Struggles
The reasons for having anxiety, ADHD, and depression vary.

Adolescent mental health services are vital

The reasons for having anxiety, ADHD, and depression vary. Undiscussed or ignored, these illnesses can make teenagers feel isolated and alone, despite the fact that many people struggle with these illnesses. Adolescent mental health services are a part of familial wellness, as well as general school wellness. 

For people experiencing mental health challenges or the stresses of life, PCC provides services from psychiatrists and therapists in Redding. 

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