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Chemical Dependency and Treatment for Addiction

Chemical Dependency and Treatment for Addiction

Millions of people in the United States struggle with chemical dependency or know someone who struggles. There are also chemical dependency outpatient programs that transform lives. 

What is Chemical Dependency?

Chemical dependency refers to a biological reaction to mind-alternating drugs. These drugs can include cocaine, heroin, prescription drugs, and alcohol. Chemical dependency is slightly different from addiction. 

The National Institute on Drug Abuse describes chemical dependence as a result of repeated exposure or intake of a drug; when the drug is withdrawn, physiologic reactions occur that can be difficult. 

There is a social stigma many people feel who struggle with addiction, which can make talking candidly about these issues, or asking for help, difficult.

What Does Treatment Look Like for Chemical Dependency?

Depending on a person’s needs, outpatient programs for chemical dependency can differ in their plan and scope. Outpatient programs differ from inpatient programs, as they often offer several hours each day with on-site support, but are not 100% residential. In other words, you do not sleep onsite. 

In Redding, we offer an outpatient program for chemical dependency that requires a commitment of three hours a day, three times a week, for a total of 10 weeks. This program does offer a Dual Diagnosis track for individuals struggling with their mental health too.

There are also adult outpatient therapy programs for general mental health, which do not include specialized treatment for chemical dependency. These programs offer individualized treatment for mental health issues ranging from depression, anxiety, grief and loss, stress management, and more. Our outpatient program also requires a commitment of three hours a day, three times a week, for a total of 10 weeks. 

Learn More about Outpatient Programs in Redding

In our Redding psychiatric center, outpatient programs have offered relief, hope, and new beginnings for many people recovering from addiction and chemical dependency. 

At the Psychiatric Care Center, we provide outpatient programs, medication management, group therapy, and more. We believe in individualized treatment plans that provide structure to your day and also offer a community of people who share your interest in recovery. 

To learn if an outpatient program can help you or someone you love, request an appointment or call us at (530) 221-7474.